P a s t   P e r f o r m e r s   o f  

B l a c k   H a w k   F o l k   S o c i e t y 


We are proud to have brought over one hundred professional folk, bluegrass and Americana musicians to our beautiful little area of central Wisconsin. Please be patient as we work on linking them here as this is a new area of our website.

  S i n c e   2 0 0 1  

Andrea Stader
Anne Hills
Ariane Lydon
Art Stevenson and Highwater
Barb Silverman & Rick Veras
Bill & Kate Isles
Bill Kehl
Black Hawk Revue   
Bob Bovee & Gail Heil
Carolyn Cruso
Chris Powers
Chris Vallillo
Chris Waltz
Chuck Mitchell
Cindi Umstadt
Cindy Mangsen & Steve Gillette
Claudia Nygaard
Claudia Russell & Bruce Kaplan
     (with band; with Katie Dahl and Rich Higdon)
Colin O’Brien
Cris & Ann Plata & Extra Hot
Curtis & Loretta
Dan Flesher
Dan Weber
Dan Zahn & Kate Moretti (with Briar Road)
Dang-Its (The)
Dangerous Folk
David HB Drake
David Stoddard
Del Weed
Dennis Warner
DitchLilies (The)
Don Harvey
Dorothy Zerbe
Eric Lewis
Escaping Pavement
Fendrick & Peck
Fox & Branch
Fox River String Band
Grass Stains (The)
Greg Boerner
Hans Mayer
Hollands (The)
Honey Dewdrops
Jack Norton
Jack Williams
Jerry Rau
John Fabke & Columbia County Sheiks
Josh Calhoun (with the Eclectics)
Josh Harty
Jugs (The)
Katie Dahl
Ken Lonnquist
     (Solo; with the Waverlys; with Dave Adler)
KG & the Ranger
Krause Family Band (The)
Larry Penn
Lee Murdock
Lehto & Wright
Lil’ Rev
Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys
Little Sage Trio
LJ Booth & Chris Kokesh
Loose Strings
Lou & Peter Berryman
Lyal Strickland
Mark Dvorak
Matt Blake
Matt Watroba
Mean Mary
Mecan River Ramblers
Men from Earth
Micah Walk
Michael Johnathon
Michael Lee Ammons
Michael Peter Smith
Mustards Retreat
Neptunes Car
Nob Hill Boys
PAC    Randy Sabien
PAC   Becky Schlagel
PAC concert – Tom Paxton with Randy Sabien
Pat Gaughan
Patti Ecker & Louise Brodie
Patty Stevenson & Craig Siemsen
Perry Baird
Phil Cooper & Margaret Nelson
Pop Wagner
Reid Miller
Rose Among Thorns
Roxanne Neat
Rupert Wates
Ruth and Max Bloomquist
Sass Trio - Susan Urban, Kate Early, Sandy Andina
Shady Grove
Shauna Wells
Singleton Street
Skip Jones & Jammin Lee Nimmer
Small Potatoes
Society of Broken Souls
Songwriters in the Round (Katie Dahl, Hope Dunbar, & Emily White)
Sparky & Rhonda
Spook Handy
Starkweather Bay
Steve & Jenny Moss
Steve Hazell
Straight Up Bluegrass
Susan Urban & Phil Cooper
Todd Menton
Tom & Chris Kastle
Tom Pease
Tom Theabo
Tracy Grammer
Up in the Air
Virginia Rogers & Rambling Pitchforks
Walter Craft
Water Street Hot Shots (The)
Wayfarin Strangers
Yellow Bellied Sap Suckers